Kush Kuntry Alpacas

Our breeding program has always been centered around fiber and conformation with a watchful focus on bloodlines and what was being bred within the alpaca industry.  Even when we were nieve to such language as "microns", "lustre", and "density", we discovered the two most important tools we have that are quite reliable - our eyes and fingertips.  Learning about conformation,  fiber characteristics, and how to consistently breed for it is as important as the decision we made to become a breeder. 

When our quest for information on alpacas began, we were fortunate to have find mentors in Ken and Victoria Hibbits from Alpacas by the Sea.  Their experience in the business and willingness to talk and educate us for "as long as it takes"  is something we want our customers to expect from us at Kush Kuntry. 

Quality breeding stock is expensive.  Don't rely on lineage, ribbons,  or a sales pitch to convince you 0f what potential an alpaca has.  The single most important thing a new breeder can do is learn to recognize quality  when they see  and  feel it. Examine any offspring produced when possible.  A "Hall of Fame" of ribbons and awards are validating and can be a strong indicator. However, they do not reflect the competition in the show ring that day, or how many alpacas it stood against in a class.  Although lineage is important, it should never stand alone in your decision.  Quality can be measured and is critical regardless of the commodity.  Quality commands a premium whether you are selling alpacas, or "widgets".   

If you are sitting on the fence trying to decide whether this lifestyle is for your family, we strongly suggest you visit as many farms as possible before making  any decision.  The best way of defining characteristics such as density, conformity, luster, and crimp is by seeing and feeling.  It is the best way to educate yourselves - and those fingertips to the luxurious feel of alpaca fiber.  Let's face it, without the fiber we might as well be breeding cute, cuddly koala bears!

  Let us show you what we do with alpaca!

   Roxane & Kaylen Whisnant